Does Running Make Your Butt Bigger or Smaller? Does It Help Your Butt!

Running is a popular type of exercise for people of all ages. Unlike some other sports, it does not require that much gear – a quality, comfortable pair of sneakers is the only thing you need to start running. You also do not need to be in very good physical shape at the start – the actual running will help you get into better shape over time.

But does running help your muscles in any way? For those looking to tone their body, will running help make their butts bigger or smaller?

Running comes with many benefits for both the physical and mental health of a person. If that person is interested in losing some weight, running can prove quite helpful. As for those looking to tone on their butt, running can help. In short, spriting and fast running make the butt bigger and long-distance running shrinks it.

Does Running Shrink Your Bum?

If you ask us whether running can shrink your bum, the answer would be both yes and no. Whether your bum shrinks or enlarges depends on several factors. If you want to get one outcome instead of the other, there are a few things you need to know:

  • Butt Muscles

First and foremost, you need to know about the muscles on your bum. The muscles in this area are called the glutes. The three important muscles you should know are the gluteus maximus, gluteus minimus, and gluteus medius. (Source)

No matter what type of running you go with, the glutes will strengthen, and that will lead to you getting a toned, nice-looking bum. If that is the only thing you want to achieve, you can go with regular running, long-distance running, or even jogging.

On the other hand, if you are looking to shrink or enlarge your bum, there is something else you must think about – the muscle fibers.

  • Muscle Fibers

Your muscle fibers are a part of the muscle tissue. There are two such types of fibers on your butt muscles. The former are called slow-twitch fibers, while the latter are fast-twitch fibers. The fibers used during your running session will make a difference in the way your bum develops. (Source)

So, what does this imply…?

The slow-twitch fibers are activated when you are running long distances. They will help you shrink your butt, as they are not known for enlarging that much. Their job is to get as strong as possible while you are running, so they can help you strengthen the butt muscles and keep the butt firm.

That brings us to the second type of muscle fibers.

The fast-twitch fibers have an opposite effect on your butt that of the slow-twitch fibers. With these fibers, you can expect to enlarge the butt muscles, making them look bigger and firmer than before.

These fibers are activated during fast-paced, energetic workouts. The way that your body moves, the speed, and the energy used will activate the fibers and get them to start working. That will help increase the size of the muscles in the bum and even the legs. 

How to Shrink Bum with Running?

Now that you know all about the bum muscles and muscle fibers, let’s talk about the ways you can shrink your bum.

The best way to make your bum visibly smaller is to start running long distances on flat tracks or roads. Distance running is great for your body as you will lose weight from all places, not just your bum. Your body will get more toned, but since this type of running is not glute-dominant, the bum will not get all of the work.

If you regularly run long distances, your bum will start to shrink as the running will target the fat on the bum and help get rid of it. The result will be a toned, nice bum that you will be proud of. If you started with a larger bum, chances are that within a few weeks, you will start seeing a significant change. (Source)

How to Enlarge Bum with Running?

If you are not looking to shrink your bum but make it look bigger and feel stronger, you should try sprinting instead of distance or regular running.

Sprinting is not the first choice of many runners as it takes quite a toll on your body. But you should know that by sprinting, you will target the muscles in the butt as well as the right muscle fibers that do not work as much on losing fat as they do on forming big and strong muscles.

To get the most from a sprint, we recommend warming up and going for short sprints of 30 seconds. Each time you do a sprint, try to pick up the pace and add a bit of effort to it. After each sprint, take a minute or two to recover and slow down your pace.

If you want to make your butt look bigger and stronger, you will have to do sprints for a few weeks with at least 30 minutes of exercise per day. That is the formula to get the most from your exercise without pushing yourself too far and risking an injury. With as much as half an hour of working out per day, you can get into the best shape of your life. 

Does Jogging Make Your Buttocks Bigger Or Smaller?

Jogging is the type of running that you do at a slow, steady pace. Since it is very similar to running, jogging can have a similar effect on your butt as running has. Depending on the type of jogging you are doing, you can expect to get a smaller or a bigger butt.

If you want to get a smaller butt by jogging, you do not need to do anything aside from regular jogging. You can do it on a flat track or in a park, on a sidewalk, or anywhere else you feel comfortable jogging. There are no specific requirements in this part.

If you want to make your butt bigger by jogging, there are a few things to keep in mind. Since you will not be able to pick the pace up that much, you can make up for that by jogging on a specific type of track. A recommendation would be to go with an uphill trail or jog in the sand so that you can activate the butt muscles or muscle fibers.

On another note, you can try jogging on a treadmill at home or in a gym. If you go with that option, make sure you turn the incline option on the treadmill to activate the fast-twitch fibers, while you can use the treadmill on its regular setting to activate the slow-twitch fibers only. We also highly recommend that you check out our post ” Is Treadmill Running Bad for Your Knees? What You Must Know!

In any case, do not expect to see results immediately. It will take 4 to 6 weeks before you see a change in the way your butt looks. For quicker results, consider pairing jogging with at-home exercises.

Cardio exercises are best for losing weight and shrinking your butt, whereas toning exercises are recommended if you want to get a bigger but firmer butt. The only remaining recommendation for those who want quicker results is to alter their diet, adopt a more balanced diet, and drink a lot of water. 


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