How to Ride an E-Bike Safely ?

E-bikes are quite popular now for people from around the world. In fact, due to electric bikes, cycling is now accessible for almost all types of people. Especially, elderly people especially love it as it is easy to ride.

With a minimum level of cost and expertise, people can ride e-bikes. But, still many people want to know how to ride an e-bike safely. Because with faster speed and multiple riding modes, it is also easy to become injured while riding an electric bike. So, it is of utmost necessary to learn the necessary techniques to handle e-bikes properly.

Read on to get to know about all the necessary safety tips for riding an e-bike. But first, we recommend that you check out our post Why Should People Use Bicycles Instead of Cars? 5 Most Important Reasons!

9 Essential Tips on How to Ride an E-Bike Safely

When it comes to riding a bike safely, these necessary tips will help you out.

1. Ride Carefully on The Road:

The first safety tip is you must be on the proper side while riding an e-bike on the road. Most drivers of other vehicles don’t typically anticipate that a bicycle can reach a speed level of 20 mph. So, there is a chance of an accident because of this slight misunderstanding. Besides being on the perfect side, as an e-bike rider, you must be properly visible to other drivers.

To drive safely on the road, you should follow all traffic rules appropriately. Always try to drive defensive. When a car driver sees a biker, he or she always thinks that it is easier to overtake you. In most cases, they try to do that. So, from your side, you should always remain careful.

Otherwise, you might fall into any kind of awkward situation anytime. There are some inattentive drivers on the road, especially on the weekends. You have to be careful about them to ensure your ultimate level of safety.

Finally, you need to make proper eye contact with other drivers. In many cases, a bicyclist assumes that other drivers saw them. As a result, accidents may occur at any time.

2. Make Yourself Seen:

When riding an e-bike, you should make sure that other drivers can see you properly. So, you should equip your bike with lights and a bell. These gadgets will help you to be properly visible to the other drivers on the road. Especially, during the winter season, be more careful during your ride.

3. Control Speed Properly:

People buy electric bikes for speed so that they can drive faster. New electric bike riders tend to ride with the fastest settings. But, you should know how to control your speed properly. New riders should learn the basics of speed control first. You should practice riding your e-bike with pedal assist and throttle mode in low-traffic areas. After mastering the riding skill properly, you will be able to increase speed eventually.

4. Brake Earlier:

Always try to learn how to stop your electric bike properly after increasing your speed to a certain level. There is no denying the fact that knowing how the brake system of an electric bike works is of utmost importance. Because if you can’t break your electric bike properly, at any moment an accident may occur.

You should be able to slow down your electric bike just ahead of the stop signs. Besides, at the road crossings, you must slow down the speed before stopping your bike completely. Most importantly, familiarize yourself with the entire brake system of your electric bike. It will help you to stop or slow down your bike at the right time. 

5. Take Extra Care During Mounting and Dismounting:

One of the crucial moments for all of the electric bikers is mounting and dismounting. So, in those moments, you need to be very careful. Especially, if you are an e-bike rider who comes with mobility issues, you should take extra care of yourself.

You already know that an electric bike is quite heavier than a conventional bike. So, this added weight might cause issues to maintain proper balance. The wise decision is you should choose the frame of your electric bike wisely. You can even choose a step-through frame for a better experience.

6. Wear a Helmet:

Wearing a helmet is always an important safety measure you should consider in the first place. It doesn’t matter whether the electric bike for teen or any other age group, safety precautions should be taken. If you don’t wear a helmet, even in a simple accident, the injury can be massive. The helmet will protect the most important part of your body, the head. So, wear the perfect helmet for maximum safety.

7. Use Your Lights:

When it comes to riding at night, the first thing you need to consider is proper lighting. Because without a headlight, it is not possible to ride at night. So, make sure that the headlight, taillight, and other reflective gadgets are in the right place. Otherwise, any awkward situation can happen during your ride.

8. Use a Mirror:

Installing a rear view mirror in the handlebar will ensure your safety as well. Because a rearview mirror will help you to check what vehicles are coming from the behind side. The fact is most advanced cars these days drive silently. So, they can hit you from behind in an awkward situation. In that case, the rear-view mirror in your handlebar can be a lifesaver.

9. Check Your Tires Regularly:

When starting your ride, you need to check your tires regularly. Make sure that the tires are properly inflated. Check for any puncture holes. Checking the tires thoroughly will make sure that you can ride your e-bike safely.

Wrapping Up!

Electric bikes are indeed quite popular and useful as well. As you will be able to ride faster, electric bikes are quite vulnerable to accidental situations. So, you should know how to ride an e-bike safely. All of the tips I have shared above are from my personal experiences. If you follow these tips properly, you can ride the electric bike safely.


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