Is Leaving The Bike In The Sun Bad? Can Bike Tires Blow Up Because Of It!

Tires need consistent check-ups, and to be timely replaced. To me, bike maintenance is something I prefer to do myself. Knowing my bike and the health of my tires boosts my confidence in my ride.

It’s true, we can not overlook the need for bike maintenance. I always try to keep my bike tires as fancy as it was at the time of purchase. Sun is one of the worst enemies for road bike tires. Having to keep a close eye on my bike health raised the following question,

Is It Bad to Leave the Bike and With The Tires in The Sun? It is okay to leave the bike outside occasionally. However, parking the bike in unsheltered bike parking for a long duration can consistently exposure the bike to the sun which may cause the air in the tires to expand, increasing the internal pressure, and potentially leading the tires to blow up. Ultraviolet rays can also accelerate the damage and corrosion to the paint and bike tires rubbers.

The rising temperature outside can also cause the tire to pop up if not inflated properly. Whatever the situation, the air pressure inside your tire should be changed according to weather, tire, and rider’s weight.

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You can also avoid flat tires by looking at these useful tips we have listed here for you. Have a good read.

How Common Are Flat Tires In Triathlons? Causes And How To Avoid Them.

What Temp Do Bike Tires Melt?

Bike tire loses its structural durability at 121 degrees Celsius. However, it starts getting damaged as soon as it crosses 90.55 degrees Celsius.

To avoid reaching such temperature, athletes may opt to use a tire pressure monitoring system or even the mobile application, Quarq Tyrewiz. Check the video below for more on how it works.

What Is the Correct Road Bike Tire Pressure and Size?

The road bike tire pressure is adjusted according to the rider’s weight, tire, course, and weather condition. The rider’s weight is majorly the factor responsible for punctures amidst the race. Here is the suggested tire pressure for a road bike rider, under or equal to 70 kg.

Types of TiresFront Tire PressureRear Tire Pressure
Inner Tube Tire90PSI 93PSI 
Tubeless Tire80PSI 83PSI 
A table showing types of tires and their suggested tire pressures

You can add 2PSI for every 5Kg over 70Kg and subtract 2PSI for every 5Kg under 70Kg. (source)

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How Does the Weather Impact Bike Tire Pressure?

The inflated tire pressure increases with the temperature rise. And to keep things simply understandable, you can keep this general rule in your mind.

A general rule of thumb is that for every 10-degree increase in tire temperature, the tireโ€™s pressure will increase by 2 psi.


How Can I Protect My Bike and Tires from The Sun?

You can protect your bike from the sun in these ways

  • Storing it indoors.
  • Parking under a shelter.
  • Putting a bike cover.
  • Applying paint protection film.
  • Correct inflation pressure to keep tires cool.
  • Installing tubeless tires that wont go flat
  • Use tire covers for UV protection.
  • Use tire protectants such as UV 303 Protectant

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