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Let Us Help You Kick Start Your Triathlon Journey!

It includes,

  • Simplified 12 OR 14 Weeks printable (landscape) Beginner โ€œSprintโ€ Triathlon Training Plan (4 to 5 pages each)
  • Simplified 16 Weeks printable (landscape) Beginner โ€œOlympicโ€ Triathlon Training Plan ( 5 Pages ).
  • 29 Pages Printable Triathlon Training Planner
  • 5 Triathlon Merchandise Designs Printable on Tshirts, Mugs, Sheets, and other Merchants


  • Printable DIY Triathlon Swim Bike Run Coloring Cards/ Pages / Book (4 Pages)

To learn more about our Triathlon Starter Kit, check out our page Triathlon Starter Kit; Everything You Need in One Place!