What Is Jockstrapping In Triathlon? Funny Triathlon Cheering Quotes You Should Use

When a triathlete is standing at the podium crediting their success to their trainer, family, and supporters, it might seem slushy to those who aren’t there to support. But I call it the emotional side of triathlon. And why not. You don’t count an activity as a sport if it doesn’t involve emotions.

Before taking you to the bottom of this page, I would like to clear the chaos between jockstrap and jockstrapping. From what I have gathered jockstrapping is an act of supporting your triathlete at a race. Whereas, the jockstrap is an undergarment worn by athletes while riding bicycles or in any other contact sport.

This article is all about jockstrapping and the roles of jockstrappers in the race, in case you want to build a perfect support system for your player.

Who are jockstrappers in the race?

Your family, friends, neighbor, uncle, aunt, and even a training partner who isn’t participating in a race due to whatever reason, and is here only to support you, is indeed a jockstrapper. Mind it, there is the slightest difference between supporters and jockstrappers standing in a crowd.

Triathlon isn’t purely an individual sport, it takes a village to raise a successful triathlete. Check this article we wrote about

Is Triathlon A Team Or Individual Sport? What Is Triathlon Relay!

How are jockstrappers different from other supporters?

The kind of support that drives you from the beginning to the end of the race is fan support. However, a triathlete needs a lot more genuine emotional support. This helps them to deal with dreaded pre-race nerves, mental preparation, and post-race contingencies. This kind of support is offered by jockstrappers.

Jockstrappers aren’t the ones running beside you, but they are surely the source of encouragement you needed to be on the racetrack.

“A fan can never be a jockstrapper but a jockstrapper can be both!!”

How to become a perfect jockstrapper?

Triathlon isn’t purely about the physical support acquired by training. There is a lot more when it comes to mental and emotional support. The task of being a jockstrapper has the same level of significance as the triathlon gear.

Jockstrappers are a vital part of the athlete’s performance and ability to succeed, as they engage in providing transportation, food, and morale for the triathlete they support!

It takes a village to raise a successful triathlete, and that village needs training, too.


Don’t make your triathletes feel single-handed. Here are certain roles for you.

Motivational Cheering Quotes For Triathletes

“Failure is Failure only when we stop trying”

“When the going gets tough, the tough get harder.”

“Discipline is choosing between what you want now, and what you want most.” – Augusta .F. Kantra

” You don’t stop when you are tired, you stop when you are done.” – Marilyn Monroe

“It never gets easier, you just get better.”

“It’s supposed to be hard, if it wasn’t hard everyone would do it.” – Tom Hanks

“We are judged by what we finish, not by what we start.”

“You can keep going and your legs might hurt for a week, or you can quit and your mind will hurt for a lifetime.” – Mark Allen

“Triathlon doesn’t build character, it reveals it.””Triathletes plan well, train well, and expect the unexpected.”

Many sources

Funny Qoutes

But in case you need to give your triathlete a good sense of humor, you could say some of these quotes.

“Sighting buoys is overrated in triathlons. Just dive in and knock the hell out of as many people as you can”

“I hope you didn’t poop yourself during the triathlon”

“Triathlons, because if it was easy it would be called golf.”

“You know you’re a triathlete when you can double the value of your car by putting your bike on the rack!”

“Two tips for faster swimming: 1. Hot guy in front of you 2. creepy dude behind you”

“Exercise is a great way to justify binge-eating after exercising.”

“Swim like you’re gonna drown, Ride like you stole it, and run like they are chasing you.”

“The race is won by who by the rider who can suffer the most.”

“Do triathlons to burn off the crazy.”

“If God invented marathons to keep people from doing anything more stupid, then triathlon must have taken him completely by surprise” – P. Z. Pearce quotes

“Triathlon, making every day seem like laundry day since the 1970s.”

“Ironman triathlon? Do you mean your warmup?

“More gear? No, I have plenty. Said no triathlete ever.”

“Do a triathlon they said, it would be fun they said.”

“I don’t always train for ironman Triathlons, but when I do I make sure you know about it.”

“Sometimes I wonder if your bike is thinking of you too”

“Do triathlons to justify all of the cake and beer afterward.”

“If triathlon was easy it would be called your mum”

“If what you did yesterday still looks big to you today, you must have not done anything today.”

“Hippos can run faster and swim faster than humans, so that means biking is the only chance you have to beat the hippo in the triathlon”

“No one can pass you in the race if you start as last.”

“Shaved my legs last night, guess this triathlon thing is getting pretty serious.”- Napoleon Dynamite

“How can you tell if someone does triathlons? Don’t worry they’ll tell you.”

“Your pro jersey tells me you are sponsored by Adidas, but your leg hair tells me otherwise.”

“A clean house is the sign of a triathlete on the taper.”

“Another year older? Happy new age group!”

“You must have mistaken my silence as interest in your triathlon training.”

“Triathlons for people who don’t realize one sport is hard enough.”

“I think I dropped something on our last ride, oh yeah that was you!”

“It’s not that far, translation: bring your passport.”

“Do-Athlon or do not-Athlon, there is no triathlon.”

“Self-conscious in a tracksuit? You’re about to be 5 pounds lighter.”

“The best part of a triathlon is the food”

“Don’t drown, don’t crash, don’t walk.”

“Athletes eat and train, they don’t diet and exercise.”

Many Sources

Pre and post race jockstrapper role

Guarding the bag pack

A bag back that contains a finisher t-shirt, extra nutritional supplies, and necessary stuff required for pre-and post-race events. Once your triathlete has got a wetsuit on, you have the responsibility for that heaped-up bag pack. You might even have to hold his/her triathlon gear while he/she is regaling about their achievements at the podium.

Emergency arrangements

Call yourself a driver or a manager, but it is what it is. You need to arrange things your triathlete has just realized they needed at that spot. Running back to accommodation from the event to get his/her jacket is the kind of backup they need from you.

They might start craving for something, and this really can work as a booster. Make sure to feed them with their immediate nutritional needs.

Emotional Support

The real essence of jockstrapping kicks in when a triathlete has enough confidence to deal with his/her own emotions. But where does it come from? Remember, your emotional support should be just right to not make them feel over or under-estimated. Tell them to be relaxed and focused. This helps in reducing the pressure they took from the crowd waiting for their win.

Keep your temperaments under controlled

Try adjusting your emotions according to your triathlete’s mood, especially before the race. Don’t just start reacting over things, you can leave it for later. And it’s even more important to deal with bad experiences and post-race stress.

Understanding your triathlete’s longing looks

Interpret your triathlete’s longing looks and actions. They might even don’t want to talk to you for a few hours after the race. But they definitely need you around. Let the frustration out. Let them act as they want. Recognize the elements that elevate their comfort level. Know how much attention they want to feel at that moment.

Those few words quoted before the race can actually uplift the confidence they put aside due to anxiety. You can make them win their mental battle with long encouraging stories in case they love hearing them.

Mental preparation is the key element to deal with pre-race excitement and restlessness. And I believe that’s natural. Make sure your triathlete isn’t overwhelmed with a roller coaster of emotions that dives in before the race begins.

Be a good listener!

As soon as your triathlete returns to form, they’ll need someone with all ears. Sit close to them, take the heed and let them speak their heart out.

Mid race jockstrapper role

This is the support that counts you both as a jockstrapper and a true fan, right? Don’t leave it to the crowd when you know your triathlete is looking for you as soon as they reach the last stop.

No, you don’t look like bonkers standing there raising cards to tell them seconds and the distance left. Yes, of course, they are completely into the race and have no time to sight for you in the crowd. But believe me, you never know, they might need that motivation before giving up at any point. Be loud and be proud.

Sometimes things might happen unfavorably. Your sincere support and advice can help them to DNF a race more easily. Make them remember the mantra ONE BODY MANY RACES. We have gathered some ways’ triathletes can decide between DNS and DNF. Give it a read.

What Do DNF, DNS, Lap, And Lapped Mean In Triathlon?

“I still blame myself for the fact that my son missed out on qualifying for the Ironman World Championships by 24 seconds when racing in South Africa.I should have told him what his adversary was wearing and I am sure he would have qualified for Kona.”


I hope this helps you realize the importance of the mid-race jockstrapper role.

Appreciating your Cheerleaders & jockstrappers

As a triathlete, you should recognize the struggle your jockstrapper goes through to support your passion. Though they don’t have their names on the trophies, they surely deserve the pleasure you get from it.

You see how proud they feel when someone calls them and congratulate them for your win. Nobody enjoys spending money on traveling, but thanks to these jockstrappers. Their sacrifices are purely selfless. They genuinely respect your dedication to the triathlon.

You can’t forget the free massage, selfless advice, and support you get from jockstrappers. How they accompanied you even after witnessing your average performance. Getting you back in the form until you register for the next race. Holding and guarding your sweaty triathlon gear.

Supporting you in your thick and thin. All of these efforts are worth appreciating. If you already got this from your jockstrapper, keep them.

It’s often misunderstood but jockstrapping is in no way an effortless job. Kristin Bradfield exactly knows how to switch roles from an athlete to a jockstrapper.

Whoever your supporter/supporters is/are be it husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, Mum/Dad, your kids, coach, friends, or club mates, recognize what they do and sacrifice for your passion.


Final thoughts

The final thoughts for this one are revolving around the fact that jockstrapping isn’t something you can do randomly. Triathlon is a lot more than swimming, cycling, and racing. Jockstrappers are the source of the right spirit, emotional support, and blessings a triathlete needs.

Physical training is not enough to deal with the sick feeling inside your stomach as soon as you arrive at the venue. Also, the aftermath of the race, when you are about to faint. The roller coaster of emotions might make you act totally nuts. This is where the need for a jockstrapper comes on the scene.

Triathlon isnโ€™t really reckoned as an individual sport in literal. The significant relationship of a triathlete with the coach, family, competitors, and training partners has made it a team sport.


As a triathlete, it’s important to appreciate your jockstrappers. Therefore, I would like to end this article with a note to triathletes. You can’t thank your support crew enough for their sacrifices and devotion. But you can surely acknowledge their efforts and credit your achievements to them at the podium.


An extreme triathlete who have competed in dozens of triathlons including IronMans and Extreme triathlons.

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