Why Are Cycling Shorts Black? Why Some Are See-Through!

For those seasoned in cycling, the moment often arrives when the shift from standard shorts to specialized cycling gear becomes inevitable. This is where the timeless lycra cycling shorts step into the spotlight.

Crafted from snug, moisture-wicking fabric and equipped with additional padding, discovering the perfect pair can significantly elevate your riding experience. Whether you’re navigating your daily commute or engaged in competitive racing, investing in cycling shorts proves to be a wise and game-changing decision.

What Goes with Black Cycling Shorts?

Opting for black cycling shorts comes with a distinct advantage—they seamlessly complement almost any bike kit and jersey. Black, being one of the most versatile colors, allows you to keep your shorts simple while injecting flair into your outfit with vibrant jerseys that won’t clash. Moreover, black shorts are adept at concealing sweat and dirt, maintaining a polished appearance even on the most challenging rides.

While various companies offer cycling shorts in an array of colors and styles, these may serve as enjoyable deviations from your standard cycling attire rather than enduring favorites like black cycling shorts. Ultimately, your choice is likely to hinge on the comfort they provide during your ride.

In the exploration of what sets cycling shorts apart and why a closet filled with black shorts is a probable outcome.

Why Are Cycling Shorts See-Through?

Cycling shorts shouldn’t be see-through, but there are a few reasons this can happen.

First of all, consider if your cycling shorts are actually the correct size.

They should fit very tight to the body without cutting off circulation.

If your shorts are too small, the fabric will have to stretch further in order to fit your body. This can lead to see-through portions (and often in areas you wouldn’t notice on your own).

One way to test this is to stand in front of a mirror in a well-lit room and get into a cycling position. If you still can’t see, you might want to enlist the help of a trusted friend to check for you.

Another reason for see-through shorts is poor quality.

Cycling shorts can be expensive and it can be difficult to shell out the money when you’re not even sure what style will work for you. However, it’s generally best to go for the most expensive pair you can reasonably afford. You’re more likely to get higher quality material that won’t be see-through.

Finally, shorts in lighter colors tend to be more see-through than darker shorts.

This is another reason why many people opt to wear black cycling shorts. Try on your shorts as soon as they arrive and do a quick opacity test to see if they’re worth keeping. Most companies will let you return unused shorts within a short timeframe.

What Is Special About Cycling Shorts?

There are a few features that make cycling shorts different from other exercise shorts. While you can get away with wearing any pair of shorts or pants when you are first getting into cycling, you’ll eventually want to upgrade. The more time you spend on the saddle, the greater your need will be for cycling-specific clothing. Here are a few of the features that make cycling shorts special:


The biggest reason for getting cycling shorts is the added padding called a chamois (pronounced “sham-ee”). This is the padded crotch piece that helps to relieve pressure points, reduce vibration from the road, and prevent chafing (Source).

There are a variety of styles with various levels of thickness, so you may need to try a few pairs before you find one that works with your body and riding style. There are also different styles for men and women to accommodate for the different anatomy.


Cycling shorts are often made of skin-tight fabric that helps prevent wind drag. This means you can go the same distance or put out a bigger effort more efficiently because you won’t be losing power to the wind (Source).

Sweat Wicking

You will likely sweat while you’re riding your bike and cycling shorts can help keep you feeling dry. The moisture wicking properties of these shorts will prevent chafing and overheating, both of which are necessary on longer rides.

Range of Motion

Wearing cycling shorts gives you the benefit of exercising your full range of motion (Source). They won’t bunch up like baggy pants and shorts, which allows you to put out more power with less effort.

Why Do People Wear Bike Shorts Under Shorts?

Cycling shorts are made to be worn as a standalone item, meaning nothing needs to be worn over or under them. However, if you find that you’re not yet comfortable rocking the lycra look, you can wear them as a baselayer.

You will want to find a pair of shorts that are lightweight, moisture-wicking, and seamless. This will help with your overall comfort while still getting the benefits that the cycling shorts provide. You also won’t want to wear shorts that are too baggy as this would undermine the aerodynamic capacity of the cycling shorts.

In addition, many mountain bikers will choose to wear chamois under their mountain bike shorts. Mountain bike shorts tend to be knee-length and baggy and work as a protective layer against dirt and branches.

However, they aren’t typically padded. This is where the chamois and mountain bike short combo can come in handy. Mountain biking is notoriously bumpy, so having the extra padding can be a great benefit.

Things to Keep in Mind

Finding the right pair of cycling shorts can be a challenge, but the benefits you’ll feel on the saddle are worth the effort.

You may need to try a few different brands and sizes before you settle on the style that works best for you.

It’s best to order from websites that have a generous return policy and try them on in your home before you take them out for a ride.

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