Why Do Cyclists Wear Gloves? Should You Wear Them!

There are certain essential things a cyclist needs to get before cycling. Some of these essentials include; cycling shorts, cycling boots, and a jersey, but are cycling gloves essential ?.

Cycling gloves could be considered essential to many cyclists as they provide extra protection to the hands in case a crash occurs. They also offer better grip, especially when it rains or when the hands get sweaty. In many cases, triathletes may also opt to wear cycling gloves.

Whenever your hands get this sweaty, there is a possibility that your hands might slip through. The gloves help absorb the sweat while keeping your hands dry and providing the strong grip you need on the handlebars while cycling.

There are many benefits of wearing gloves, and we will talk in detail about them. Regardless of these benefits, some cyclists opt for the “no gloves” option. Without gloves, these cyclists have the freedom to move their fingers as they wish.

Pros of Wearing Cycling Gloves Listed

Below are some good benefits of wearing cycling gloves (Source).


Before cycling, you should put in place some safety measures just in case a crash occurs. When a crash occurs, you might want to break a fall by stretching out your hands and this poses a risk of cuts, bruises, or an allergic reaction.

To protect your hands from any of those, you should invest in good cycling gloves that will help provide a layer of covering to prevent any cuts or bruises.

Regardless if you are a professional at cycling, you are still at risk of an accident. So, you ought to prepare and plan appropriately to prevent further damage.

Firm grip

When cycling in warm weather, your hands get sweaty, and this might drip down causing your hands to slip off the handlebar of the bike while cycling.

To prevent your hands from slipping off while cycling, you should consider wearing gloves to help absorb the sweat to help maintain a good tight grip on the bike and prevent falls.

Asides from using gloves during hot weather conditions, gloves are also useful while cycling in the rain. The gloves provide the layer of friction you need when your hands are on the wet handlebar.


This is the major reason triathletes consider buying cycling gloves. While cycling during cold weather conditions, your hands might freeze up.

To prevent this, a good suggestion is to purchase good gloves that provide extra layers of comfort.

– Comfort

The structure of the cycling gloves is such that extra padding is added to help dampen the vibrations from the bike and provide cushion and comfort.

While cycling, there could be an entrapment of the hand nerves which can cause pain, a tingling sensation, or in a worst-case scenario, a handlebar palsy. This can affect the strength of your hand grip while cycling.

Purchasing good cycling gloves with extra padding will protect you from the pressure and shock transmitted by the bike, provide comfort and give an added advantage to the strength of your grip.

Face wipes

While cycling, there is every possibility of sweat trickling down your face, getting into your eyes, and affecting your vision. To feel comfortable, you need to wipe off the sweat from your face.

Your gloves can serve as face wipes to help you soak up the sweat.


Wearing cycling gloves can both provide safety and at the same time make you look fashionable. It adds to your appearance, making you look and feel like a professional in any cycling event.

There are different designs of these cycling gloves you can choose from to suit your style.

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Why Do Some Cyclists Not Wear Gloves?

Most of the cyclists that do not wear gloves claim that with gloves, they cannot get a good feel of the handlebar, which does not put them in sync with the functioning and controls of the bike. Some other cyclists do not wear gloves for their own personal reasons. Something like maintaining an expert demeanor.


Do Pros Wear Cycling Gloves?

Everyone is advised to always wear gloves while cycling, including beginners and experts. Regardless of this, wearing cycling gloves is not compulsory. Anyone who decides to wear one would do so based on a personal decision.

We listed above the different benefits of wearing gloves which include protection from injury and blisters, provision of a firm grip while cycling, and provision of a good cushion against the pressure and shock that arise from the bike.

How Long Do Cycling Gloves Last?

Cycling gloves, especially mountain bike cycling gloves, are said to last 6 months – to 1 year. But, this depends on how often you use them to cycle and the quality of cycling gloves you purchased. (Source)

Can You Use Gym Gloves for Cycling?

Some cycling gloves look like gym gloves, especially the fingerless ones. The only difference is the extent of their padding. So in concept, one can use gym gloves as cycling gloves, but note that they may not provide adequate cushion while riding because of the thinner pads. However, both gloves will offer protection in case of a crash. 


Wearing gloves while cycling is optional, but you are encouraged to wear one. The major benefits of wearing cycling gloves include safety, comfort, warmth, and a firm grip on the handlebars.

Despite these benefits, some cyclists opt to cycle without gloves because they claim gloves to keep them out of rhythm with their bikes while cycling.


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