Why Do Swimmers Have Broad Shoulders, Flabby Arms and Big Thighs ?!

Swimmers have a very specific body type. Whenever you look at a swimmer, you are bound to notice their broad shoulders first. Many swimmers have flabby arms and big thighs too, but they are not as noticeable as the swimmer’s shoulders.

So, why is it that swimmers have broad shoulders, flabby arms, and big thighs? Does their body develop that way because of swimming, or is it a combination of many things?

Swimming is the type of activity a person can do when they want to get into shape. It is great for toning a person’s body from head to toe. If someone does it regularly, they are bound to get defined abs, strong arms, broad shoulders, and toned legs. The limbs will be visibly elongated, while the muscles and the core will be stronger than ever. 

Therefore, swimming is a great activity for people who want to get into better physical shape. Also, check out “Does Triathlon Sports Give You Abs? Swim Vs Bike Vs Run!

How Do You Get Rid Of Broad Shoulders From Swimming?

Broad shoulders are one of the things that you are bound to develop if you start swimming regularly. If you have broad shoulders to begin with – we have bad news for you. You will not be able to get rid of them with swimming, but you can just further develop them (Source).

The thing is that broad shoulders are great for swimmers because they help the person have a broader range when they swim. This can be considered an advantage since the range will help the person be faster when competing in all swimming styles.

So, there is no reason to want to get rid of the broad shoulders. There is no reason to fear getting broader shoulders from swimming too. Swimming can help further develop and tone your muscles in the shoulders, back, and arms. But the look of your body before you start swimming and the look of it after a few months of regular swimming will not be that drastic – it will be more like an improvement!

You will be able to see a bigger, more drastic change in the way your shoulders and your body look only if you start swimming like a professional. That will not be easy as these people do not play around. They spend almost all day every day in a pool, working on their technique and their speed.

Anything less than professional swimming workouts will not help you change your body as much.

The broadness in the shoulders will still be there – you will not be able to change that with any kind of sport as bones are not things that you can change. You can influence their overall look, but not so much their size.

So, do not dread going for a nice swim. You will only get a better body and a stronger core from it and there is nothing bad in that!

Can You Swim Without Getting Broad Shoulders?

If you are putting off swimming because you do not want to get broad shoulders, we have to tell you that you should not! Go for that swim and do not worry about getting broad shoulders. Even if you spend day after day swimming, you will not see a significant change in your shoulders.

The only way to get broad shoulders from swimming is if you start training as a professional swimmer. If you do not do that, you will not see any big difference on your shoulders. They might get stronger or more toned, but that will be it – there will be no change in their width.

Another thing to know is that you should not be doing upper body exercises if you are swimming as they can contribute to developing bigger shoulder muscles. The exercises paired with some swimming can surely make you notice a difference in your body. So, put down the dumbbells and put off all exercises for the arms and shoulders.

What If You Want to Get Broader Shoulders?

You can always do the opposite thing if you want to get better-defined shoulders. Combining shoulder and arm exercises with some ambitious swimming practices is a great way to improve your physique. You will not be able to see the results immediately but in 4 to 6 weeks, you will be seeing quite a different person in the mirror (Source).

Usually, you can see men working on their shoulders more than women do. This is because broad shoulders on men look strong, but broad shoulders on women make them look a bit boxy. But this opinion can vary among people – some might like women with broad shoulders and think they look good.

Are Big Legs Good For Swimming?

A few things are considered advantageous when it comes to a swimmer’s body. Some people may think that long limbs do not look cute in all day-to-day situations, but these limbs can come in handy when you are swimming. So, if you have big legs and big arms, you should consider getting into this sport (Source).

Big legs mean a longer body. People that have long legs will always have an advantage over swimmers with shorter legs. This is because the length of their body allows them to pass more distance within a shorter time frame. The same cannot be said for swimmers with shorter bodies, as they need to work extra hard to catch up with the long-bodied swimmers.

Yes, sometimes, short legs can mean more power without the extra drag. But a general opinion is that the ideal swimmer’s body is one with long limbs. So, it is not just the long legs that can come in handy when swimming – it is the arms as well. Having broad shoulders and long arms can help you have a better range when swimming and that will give you an advantage over other swimmers. 

As if this all was not enough, we should tell you that you can benefit from having a triangle-shaped torso with broader shoulders, an overall flexible body, and being taller than regular people. These are all things that competitive swimmers need to have if they want to be successful.  

If you are interested in getting into swimming professionally, you can always work on your body outside of the swimming practices. Getting big legs is possible with a little bit of exercise in the gym or even at home. You can do squats, presses, lunges, or various kinds of jumps. You do not even need to have any equipment for most of these exercises – a yoga mat and a pair of sneakers will be enough (Source).

It is not that much about the muscles in your legs as it is to be flexible and have a good balance between muscle fibers.

Equally as important as getting strong legs and flexible arms and shoulders is for you to be in a good place mentally. Mental strength is as important as physical strength, if not even more important in some cases. 

If you are mentally strong, you will know that you should never give up on anything – including swimming. Even if you do not have what is called an ideal swimmer’s body, or if you are having a tough time getting in a good shape, a strong mind and positive outlook will help you get through it. 


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