How Much Does It Cost to Paint or Powder Coat a Bike Frame?

If you’re looking to revitalize an old bike or turn heads at your cycling club, a fresh new frame color could be just the thing. Here we take a look at two methods for finishing a bike frame: painting and powder coating.

Should I get my bike frame professionally painted? If you’re looking for the very highest quality finish and the most impressive style, consider getting your bike frame professionally painted. Custom bike painters can transform bikes into works of art with stunning colors and complex designs.

So, how much does it cost to get a bike frame professionally painted? The average starting price of painting a steel bike frame is $516, ranging between $350 and $750 USD, The final cost is higher if one adds extra colors and patterns, or if the bike is made of carbon.

The above conclusion was made by pulling the prices from several vendors and compiling them in the tables below of the starting prices for steel and carbon bike frames.

 Bike ShopOne Color (USD)Two Colors (USD)
Horse Cycles, NY350405
Chris Kvale Cycles, MN350 
Bilenky Cycle Works, PA495575
Premier Bicycle Werks, CA550 
Element 6, CA600 
Hot Tubes, MA750 
Cost of Bike Painting by Professionals (Steel Frame)

Here is a list of starting prices for carbon bike frames.

 Bike ShopOne Color (USD) Two Colors (USD)
Premier Bicycle Werks, CA450 
Carbon Solutions, CA600700
R+E Cycles, WA700 
Element 6, CA800 
Hot Tubes, MA1000 
Cost of Bike Painting by Professionals (Carbon Frame)

Who Gets Their Bike Frame Professionally Painted?

A custom paint job is ideal for anyone who wants a top-quality appearance. Perhaps you’re a road cyclist with an interest in style. Or perhaps you’re a vintage enthusiast restoring a classic bike. If this is you, a professional paint job is perfect!

Can I Paint a Bike Frame Myself?

Painting a bike frame involves a number of steps, such as sanding, priming, painting, and adding a clear coat. It’s fairly challenging but is definitely a task that most people could do by themselves.

As well as buying materials, you need outdoor space that can be cleaned easily and a bit of patience (some of the steps take a while!).

Here is a list of the things you will need,

  1. Primer Paint Spray (Amazon Link)
  2. Clear Coat (Amazon Link)
  3. Spray Paint (Amazon Link)
  4. Sandpaper (Amazon Link)
  5. Masking Tape (Amazon Link)

And here is a video that demonstrates the whole process in a simple Steps:

How Much Does It Cost to Paint My Bike Frame Myself?

Painting a bike frame by yourself is a cheap way to get a fresh new color, and the cost is around $70 USD.

How Much Does It Cost to Powder Coat a Bike Frame?

The average cost of powder coating a bike frame is $151, ranging between $50 and $275 USD. This cost often includes sandblasting, which makes powder coating a cost-effective way to finish a bike frame.

Here is a list of prices for powder coating a bike frame.

 Bike ShopOne Color (USD $)
Amalfi Powder Coating, AZ50
Rock on Wheels, WY100
Espo’s Powder Coating, NY110
CC Coatings, OR150
Finish Logic, CA175
Quality Powder Coating NYC, NY200
Seattle Powder Coat, WA275
Cost of Powdercoating Bike frame

What Is Powder Coating?

Powder coating uses an electrical charge to bind colored powder to an item’s surface. Powder coating involves spraying an item with powder and then it heating in an oven. This creates a smooth, durable finish for your bike frame.

What Are The Benefits of Powder Coating Your Bike Frame ?


Powder coating involves spraying multiple layers of powder onto your bike. This creates a tough finish that can withstand bumps and scrapes, and it stays strong for a long time.


The average cost of powder coating a bike frame is $151 USD, so it’s a cost-effective way to update your bike.


Powder coating is more environmentally-friendly than other options. It’s a solvent-free process that involves almost no emissions. Also, the leftover powder can be scraped up and used again, so wastage is minimal (Source).

Who Should Have a Bike Frame Powder Coated?

Powder coating is ideal for people who need a durable bike. Powder coating creates a strong finish that can withstand bumps, scrapes, and scratches (Source).

Perhaps you live in a city and want to protect your bike from concrete and cars. Or perhaps you’re a mountain biker worried about trees and boulders. Powder coating is perfect if you want a tough finish that also looks good.

Painting Versus Powder Coating Bike Frames

To answer this question properly, it’s important to consider your needs and the way you intend to use your bike.

If an eye-catching style is a priority, then paint is the best choice. Painting provides a thinner layer of color, so intricate details, and patterns really stand out. The range of colors and design options is far greater too.

If you need a tough bike, then powder coating is for you. Powder coating is more robust than paint, and many consider it to be virtually bombproof! It’s the best choice for people who want a great-looking bike that won’t peel or scratch easily.

What Is Sandblasting?

Sandblasting is when a trained operator sprays abrasive particles under high pressure against an item. The purpose of sandblasting is to remove debris and create a smooth surface. Sandblasting is known by other names, such as abrasive blasting and media blasting.

The Benefits of Sandblasting Bike Frames

Sanding a frame by hand is a tough task, and it can take days (yes, days!) to get the stubborn old paint off your frame. That’s why some people get their frames sandblasted, a process that removes old rust and paint, stripping your frame back to bare metal. It’s a fast and cheap way to prepare your bike frame for painting or powder coating (while saving hours of hard labor with a piece of sandpaper!).

Where Can I Get My Bike Frame Painted?

Custom bike painting takes a lot of skill, and if you’re looking for the best quality and biggest range of options, go with an experienced specialist. To get an idea of the kind of place to look for, take a look at these three custom bike painters:

Element 6 in Santa Ana, CA:

Hot Tubes in Boston, MA:

Austin Paintworks in Austin, TX:


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